Step-by-step Guides to Uninstall Norton Anti-Theft Easily and Quickly

Are you having trouble when installing new version of Norton Anti-Theft because of some corrupted files from the earlier version are still hang on your PC? If you need to delete all these older references before a new fresh version, or you just want to completely uninstall Norton Anti-Theft so that you can try something else, you should read this article for good. This instruction tells you how you can uninstall program like Norton Anti-Theft with great success!

In normal cases, people can uninstall Norton Anti-Theft as you would any other program with steps below to uninstall with the Windows uninstaller. But, for Windows 7/Vista, only Windows administrators can uninstall Norton Anti-Theft.

1. Click Start, Search, type Programs and Features, and click Go.
2. Double-click Programs and Features.
3. Select the Norton Anti-Theft product.
4. Click Uninstall and follow the steps provided.

But it’s often the case that parts of Norton Anti-Theft will remain on your system. To manually remove all traces of Norton Anti-Theft from your computer, you then need to go into “My Computer” and then browse to C:/Program Files/. This will bring up the name of all the program files. You can locate and select related Norton Anti-Theft files, delete them from your PC by pressing SHIFT + DELETE. After you successfully delete the above files, restart your computer.

The most effective way to uninstall Norton Anti-Theft is here. I am sure it can help you. A utility that helps you completely remove Norton Anti-Theft is available from Internet. The Perfect Uninstaller removes most of the files and Windows registry settings that remain on the computer when you remove Office. This utility is designed to be used on stand-alone computers or workstations. You may run this utility only when you are unable to run the Setup program for Norton Anti-Theft. You can use this tool to exert a detailed level of control over which files to remove and which to retain. With Perfect Uninstaller installed and running, all you need to do is to click Norton Anti-Theft and let it work the way through.

In order to remove other programs such as Fax Server Pro and AlbumMe from your computer, downloaded a removal tool like Perfect Uninstaller and ran it immediately – with few clicks, it did use brute force to remove undesired program once and for all!

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