Simply Accounting Removal-Method to Help you Remove Simply Accounting

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Have you ever failed to update Simply Accounting to the latest version? Do you want to uninstall it firstly and then reinstall a new one? Simply Accounting is an accounting software that can help you easily manage your cash flow, process payments for your business. Many people complained that they failed to uninstall it completely for a successful reinstallation. If this is your case too, it is essential for you to take this uninstall tips as your guide to deal with this problem.

Why can’t you uninstall Simply Accounting completely? That’s because some of its part has been deeply embedded on your computer, such as files and registry entries. Only if you delete those old files and entries totally can you really reinstall it or upgrade it. Now, please get your mouse ready to follow the steps below to completely remove Simply Accounting.

Complete uninstall instructions on Simply Accounting

Step 1: You need to close all running programs on your PC.

Step 2: Open the Task Manager by pressing on the blank space over the taskbar. Then click on Process tab and end the running process Simply Accounting.exe.

Step 3: Go to Start Menu and open the Control Panel. On the interface of Control Panel, double click Add/Remove Programs. Select Simply Accounting among all the currently installed programs, then click on Uninstall icon. Keep pressing Yes on the pop-up prompts to finish the uninstall.

Step 4: Open Windows Search and use it to search for all files related to Simply Accounting on your computer. Once it listed all, delete them without hesitation.

Step 5: Start Menu again and open the Run. Type regedit over the blank space then click Yes. Scroll down all the plus folder to find and delete every associated registry entries.

But if you want to uninstall Simply Accounting in an easy, quick and also complete way, you can enable a trustworthy uninstaller named Perfect Uninstaller. With this uninstaller, it is possible for you to uninstall any programs you don’t want, wiping out all those useless leftovers. Seize the chance to download Perfect Uninstaller and use it, and you will perform a successful removal.

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