otShot Uninstall- Steps to Uninstall otShot Completely

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Would you like to uninstall otShot for its reinstallation? otShot is a photo sharing program which can help you share and send your digital photos instantly by email to keep your family and friends up-to-date. But since more and more people fell into the dilemma with full otShot uninstall, this article is proposed to help you fulfill this task.

In general, Windows Add/Remove Programs is the common option for computer users to uninstall those programs they don’t want. But It indeed has its own shortage-cannot uninstall programs completely including the related files and registry entries. In this case, if you insist to uninstall otShot with Add/Remove Programs, there are further steps you should follow to make this uninstall complete.

First step: Uninstall otShot with Windows Add/Remove Programs.

  1. Click your Start button and then go to Control Panels.
  2. On the Control Panels, double-click Add/Remove Programs.
  3. After it list all programs on the interface, highlight otShot.
  4. Click Uninstall and keep on with the prompts.

If you follow the first step correctly, then you can move to the second step to fully remove otShot . But you have to be very cautious as any mistakes in deleting a wrong files and entries will make your computer crash instantly.

Second step: Delete otShot related files and registry entries.

  1. Use Search on your Start Menu to search through your system for files related to otShot.
  2. Once all related files are shown on the interface, delete them.
  3. Open Start Menu and then Run.
  4. Fill in the blank with redegit so as to open Registry.
  5. Check the folders to find out otShot.
  6. Nightlight it and delete all the entries on the right.
  7. Restart your computer if necessary.

Now, if you conduct the steps correctly, you have succeeded in completely uninstalling otShot. If not, don’t worry. A much easier way has been prepared well for you.

Uninstall otShot with Best Uninstall Tool.

Enabling a professional uninstall tool like Best Uninstall Tool is your best option to uninstall otShot easily and thoroughly. Once you use it, your computer space will be freed up and run at high speed.

If you want to get rid of otShot right now, if you are eager to uninstalling it easily, try Best Uninstall Tool and you will fall in love with it!

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