How Do I Uninstall Speedy PC Pro from My Computer

Speedy PC Pro is an all-in-one PC utility type software package. It is easy to use. But there are many optimization programs on my computer, that’s why I need to uninstall Speedy PC Pro after all. Do you also need to remove the unneeded program but have no idea how to conduct the removal? I found the following tutorial is very useful. For users who are not very technical as me, you are able to uninstall Speedy PC Pro or other optimization program such as PC HealthBoost and Advanced SystemCare Personal as easy as you can.

The following tips are how I remove Speedy PC Pro in the Control Panel.
1. First open Speedy PC Pro, click File, and then click Exit. This will make sure that Speedy PC Pro is completely shut down before proceeding.
2. Go to: ‘Start > Control Panel’ and double click on ‘Add or Remove Programs’.
You may have to switch your view to Classic View to see Add or Remove Programs icon.
3. In Add or Remove Programs, scroll down the list to locate the current version of Speedy PC Pro installed on your computer.
4. Once you have located it, click it once to highlight it. You should now see the option to remove the software.
5. You will be prompted and asked if you are sure that you want to remove Speedy PC Pro. Select Yes.
6. The uninstaller will begin to run. Various windows may pop up during the uninstall process. Do not cancel the uninstall process.
7. This may take anywhere from 3‐10 minutes depending on your system.
8. Once the uninstall process has completed, restart system.

If however you are still finding files and folders that are associated with the program then you will need to manually delete data from the system registry. To get this done:
1. Type REGEDIT.EXE into the Run tool.
2. Look for any files or folders that are labeled with the same name as the Speedy PC Pro you are trying to delete.
3. Drag the file or folder into the recycle bin.
4. Empty the recycle bin and then restart your system.

Sometimes I go through these steps but it won’t do it every time when I uninstalling a program. There was a program I came across on here that completely uninstalls Speedy PC Pro files from system. It was a separate program called Perfect Uninstaller. Perfect Uninstaller will uninstall any software from your computer as quickly as you wish. This application helps you uninstall all software applications and will erase all data left behind by these. Other than that, you can also get rid of Speedy PC Pro or any corrupt programs to regain peak performance of your computer!

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