Hotspot Shield Uninstall Instructions-How to Remove It Completely from Your PC?

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Hotspot Shield is an open VPN based privacy and security tool that can help you encrypt your web browsing when at public hotspots ad to circumvent web filters. While you are using it, you must learn how to uninstall it in case of you need to do it one day. Here, Hotspot Shield uninstall ways will be listed to let you have a rough understand of it.

Hotspot Shield uninstall instructions

Windows Add/Remove Programs is always regarded as the most effective an easiest way to uninstall unwanted programs in the world. But, more and more people complained that they couldn’t uninstall programs completely with Add/Remove Programs as there are some related, useless files and registry entries found on the computer. Thus, if you consider to uninstall Hotspot Shield with it, its related files and entries should be taken into you consideration.

How to uninstall Hotspot Shield with Windows Add/Remove Programs?

  1. Use the Ctrl +Alt +Delete button to open the Task Manager or you can click on the blank space over the taskbar to open it. Click on Process tab, then locate to a process called Hotspot Shield.exe and click on End Process.
  2. Click Start Menu- Control Panel- Add/Remove Programs- Hotspot Shield-Uninstall, and then follow the prompts to complete the uninstall.
  3. Open your system disc, then open a folder named Programs Files. In this folder, you can see the Hotspot Shield folder. Please delete all the files, folders and programs in it.
  4. Turn to Run from the Start Menu, then enter regedit over the blank space so that you can open the Registry Editor. Unfold all the plus folder to find out every entries related to Hotspot Shield, then delete them all without any hesitation.

In case that the uninstall way listed above may be too complicated for some users especially the newbie, another much easier way is ready to help you out. It is necessary for you to enable a professional uninstaller to uninstall Hotspot Shield if you are not familiar with computer. Here, Perfect Uninstaller is highly recommended for you. With this uninstaller, you can deal with Hotspot Shield and other programs easily and completely. Moreover, it can help wipe out all related but useless entries and files.

Want to uninstall Hotspot Shield right now? Download and install Perfect Uninstaller and you will fall in love with it.

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