Find Guide to Uninstall Media Finder? – Complete Instruction to Uninstall Media Finder

Media Finder makes it very easy to find files on the Internet using the advanced search system and download them in automatic mode. According to some users, one of the negatives of using a program like Media Finder is other free programs that usually comes bundled with it. It’s likely to happen if your Media Finder does not download from the official website. So do you want to uninstall Media Finder? Have you been troubled by this case that unwanted program or an application can’t be removed or uninstalled completely? But whatever the reason is, by following tutorial from this page you’ll have Media Finder completely uninstalled from your computer! This article is written to help you fully uninstall program.

You can forcibly uninstall Media Finder by hand. Just follow tips below:
1) Go to Start, Click on Control Panel

2) Double-click on Add or Remove Programs

3) Find the Media Finder listed in the list and click on it.
4) Then you should click on “Remove” button when the below message or something else like this appears.
5) Click on the “Remove” button when the below warning messages appears.
6) Follow the on-screen wizards to completely uninstall Media Finder products from your computer.

To make a thorough uninstall of Media Finder, the best method is using a professional uninstall tool. This is because sometimes you will fail to uninstalling Media Finder due to the leftover entries. If you still get the Media Finder file after removing it from Control Panel, you should delete the leftover entries one by one. However, it is quite difficult to fully remove Media Finder for a general user as there are so many different registry values, processes and files to delete, that it becomes almost impossible to manage.

Anyhow the process is outlined below and you can attempt it at your own risk:
1. Find the Media Finder relevant files, and right click to select “Delete” after select all of them by pressing left click of the mouse.
2. Type in “regedit” to open the Registry Editor and expand the registry list to find and delete the related Media Finder directories one by one.

If you have no idea about how to go through a clean removal, you can try to use specialist software to uninstall Media Finder. A reliable and powerful uninstall tool like Perfect Uninstaller would uninstall those unwanted programs completely from your computer, it would also remove incomplete installations, and corrupt programs, and force uninstall hidden applications installed in your system.

Wanna to perform a complete uninstall for Nokia Ovi Suite or CA Parental Control? If you are looking for easier and more effective ways to deal with the uninstall problem, Perfect Uninstaller is a good choice.

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