Computer Tips to Uninstall PC-Helpsoft Toolbar – Helpful PC-Helpsoft Toolbar Removal Info

PC-Helpsoft Toolbar installs automatically and runs fine on all modern computer browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But if you don’t use any function on this toolbar, it is better to remove it. How do you remove toolbars you don’t need from your computer? PC-Helpsoft Toolbar can be completely uninstalled by following the tutorial below.

Uninstall PC-Helpsoft Toolbar in Internet Explorer 7
1. Open IE 7.
2. Click Tools.
3. Select Manage Add-ons, and then select Enable or Disable Add-ons.
4. Select Downloaded ActiveX Controls (32-bit) as below
5. Choose cpbrkpie Control in the list, and then click on Delete button.
6. Open IE 7to see whether the PC-Helpsoft Toolbar has been uninstalled.

Uninstall PC-Helpsoft Toolbar from Mozilla Firefox
1. Run the browser and then open the menu to choose Tools.
2. Click Add-ons and then the Extensions tab.
3. You will all applications adhere to Firefox. Find PC-Helpsoft Toolbar and click Uninstall.

Uninstall PC-Helpsoft Toolbar from Google Chrome
1. Click On the “Settings” button (wrench icon).
2. Next go to “Tools”.
3. Next in the sub menu choose “Extensions”.
4. Disable/uninstall the PC-Helpsoft Toolbar.
5. Restart Chrome.

Any of the leftover PC-Helpsoft Toolbar file will make the computer run improperly and sometimes will stop you from running or installing some programs correctly. To always ensure a complete PC-Helpsoft Toolbar uninstall process, it is highly recommended that you can rely on a professional program uninstall tool.

If this doesn’t promise a clean removal of it, uninstall problem of PC-Helpsoft Toolbar can be a pain in the butt and drive you crazy. Fortunately you’ve now come to the right place, by applying the below provided solution with Perfect Uninstaller, you will be able to completely uninstall PC-Helpsoft Toolbar ore remove Amazon Toolbar from your computer. Try it now!

Uninstall PC-Helpsoft Toolbar with Perfect Uninstaller
1. Quit all the running programs on your desktop.
2. Run Perfect Uninstaller
3. Click the PC-Helpsoft Toolbar to be removed in the “Display Name” list
4. Click the “Uninstall” button to start the removal
5. Follow the onscreen steps to finish the removal

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